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GMAT Prep Course

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900 points

Todd Thomas Davis
Todd Thomas Davis
Course Description
Points: 900

This course is designed to provide participants with effective strategies for each GMAT question type to maximize results on test day. The course includes a comprehensive math review to give participants a solid foundation in the core math skills required for the quantitative section of the GMAT. The content is based on the The Official Guide for GMAT Review. We recommend that students purchase the 2017 or 2018 GMAT guide and register for free practice exams at prior to the beginning of the course. Additionally, to maximize the use of class time, participants should read chapter one of the GMAT guide, “What is the GMAT Exam?” prior to our first session.

Session 1

Math review 1: Arithmetic

Session 2

Math review 2: Algebra

Session 3

Math review 3: Geometry

Session 4

Math review 4: Number properties, probability and counting methods

Session 5

Verbal: Sentence correction

Session 6

Verbal: Critical reasoning

Session 7

Verbal: Reading comprehension

Session 8

Quantitative: Problem solving

Session 9

Quantitative: Data sufficiency

Session 10

Quantitative: Advanced problem solving and data sufficiency

Session 11

Analytical writing assessment and integrated reasoning


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