Advanced Academic Writing

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Advanced Academic Writing

Curriculum / American / Grade 12 / English

1000 points

Carole Mrad
Carole Mrad
Course Description
Points: 1000

The course consists of twelve sessions of 60-minutes length, it prepares students for college and university-level courses by enhancing their academic writing skills. Students will learn how to write plagiarism free research papers and argumentative essays, critically review journal articles, develop thesis statements from assigned readings, effectively locate, and use academic sources, correctly use in-text citations, and create a Works Cited/ Reference page using MLA and APA style guidelines. This course is designed to develop key transferable skills in critical thinking and writing that students will employ in their university courses, regardless of their field of study.

Session 1

Course introduction and diagnostic essay

Session 2

Finding sources

Session 3

Reference and works cited page

Session 4

Plagiarism and academic integrity

Session 5

In-text citations

Session 6

Language for research writing

Session 7

Critical review of journal articles

Session 8

Thesis statements

Session 9

Literature review

Session 10

Argumentative Essays

Session 11

Research papers

Session 12

Research paper evaluation


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